Form 802 Report of Ticket/Admission Distributions


The State of California requires all State and local government agencies, including the University of California develop a policy and report the distribution of tickets/admission to entertainment, amusement or recreational events. In addition, any tickets or passes distributed by UC to its employees or to a third party must accomplish a “public purpose” of the University.

UC Policy

UC adopted a policy to identify the “public purposes” served in distributing tickets/event admission to both University sponsored events and non-University sponsored events. Public purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • Conducting University business, including oversight of University events;
  • Recognizing University employees for their work and promoting staff morale;
  • Strengthening alumni and private support for the University;
  • Promoting intergovernmental relations and collaboration with other public agencies;
  • Promoting support for University athletics, arts, cultural and entertainment offerings;
  • Promoting attendance at University events in order to maximize potential revenue from parking and concession sales;
  • Promoting civic engagement and community outreach;
  • Attracting or rewarding volunteer service;
  • Otherwise promoting institutional advancement.

The Conflict of Interest Office has been designated by the Chancellor to ensure campus compliance with this State law.
If you know you need to fill out a Form 802B, you can bypass the tool and start filling out the form here or use this online tool to assist you in determining if you need to officially report the ticket/admission distribution. Please answer the following:

Is the ticket for an entertainment, amusement or recreational event?

Is the ticket recipient a UC employee?

Is the ticket recipient a Form 700 Filer?

Is the ticket to a UC athletic or other amatuer event performed by students?

Why are you giving the tickets?

You will need to fill out Form 802 and report name and/or department of the recipient.

You will need to fill out Form 802 and report name of deparment and number of tickets provided to the department

You do not need to fill out Form 802.